Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


The IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) has been established as per the directives of NAAC in 2005. It plays a very important role in deciding and implementing the policies of the institute. It has been functioning for the development of the institute. It makes plan, guides and monitors the activities in the institute. It stimulates the academic environment to enhance the quality of teaching-learning process and research. It not only encourages the faculty for innovations and best practices, but it also studies SWOC of the institute and tries to overcome the weaknesses. The perspective plan is chalked out by the IQAC at the beginning of the year for the quality enhancement and review of its outcome achieved is taken at the end of the year. The IQAC has formulated the following quality standards for the quality assurance process in the institute.


  • To develop a system that creates quality consciousness and culture.
  • To promote quality activities in academic and research.
  • To motivate both teaching and non-teaching staff to develop their professional skills.
  • To encourage the faculty and student to participate and undertake number of research activities.
  • To promote extensive use of ICT tools and innovative teaching methodologies.
  • To introduce career and skill oriented courses and PG programmes.
  • To inculcate social values among the students.
  • To enhance the participation of faculty and students in extra-curricular and extensive activities.
  • To generate financial resources for all the quality initiatives.
  • To collect feedback from students, parents and teachers.
  • To monitor and evaluate the activities conducted.



IQAC Committee


Sr. No Names Designation
1 Dr. B. N. Pawar – Principal Chairman
2 Shri. Dhondiram L. Shinde Management Representative
3 Smt. Meghana Kore Educationalist
4 Dr. Chandrakant S. Pawar Stake holder form Society
5 Dr. Umesh L. Patil Alumni
6 Shri. Uttamrao B. Jadhav Industrialist
7 Shri. Suhas Hanmant Patil Industrialist
8 Prof. S. G. Phalake Member
9 Dr. S. S. Patil Member
10 Dr. S. M. Kamble Member
11 Prof. Smt. Swati S. Patil Member
12 Dr. Sangita S. Patil Member
13 Dr. V. M. Shendage Member
14 Prof. A. B. Ghadage Member
15 Prof. U. D. Patil Member/Administrative Officer
16 Dr. P. M. Patil Co-ordinator
17 Dr. R. S. Salunkhe Joint Co-ordinator

Dr. P. M. Patil

IQAC- Coordinator


Mo. – 9860844131

Dr. R. S. Salunkhe
IQAC Joint-Coordinator

Mo. 9860196990