• Staff room

College has common staff room with provision of proper sitting arrangements, lockers, drinking water, staff file, news papers etc.


  • Common room for students

College has provided women students room


  • Health center

The public health center (state Govt. of Maharashtra) is adjacent to college campus. The required medical facilities are provided by PHC to students and staff. The first-aid box is made available in college office and in sport center


  • Telephone

Telephone is made available in Principal cabin, college office and in library.


  • Vehicle parking

Sufficient two wheeler parking, bicycle stand is available in college campus. The free space adjacent to parking shed is available for four wheeler parking.


  • Guest House

Adjacent to the campus there is state Govt. Guest House which is used for Hon. Guests (invitee, resource persons and well-known personalities) of college after prior permission of Govt. authority.


  • Canteen

College has canteen in college campus for staff and students. Excellent services, quality food material in affordable rates are made available in college canteen.


  • Transport

the students admitted in our college are from Palus and nearby villages. The state transport corporation provides S T bus passes to students. The concession is given in the fare after ensuring the admission of students in college. The time of table of buses are adjusted by the ST department after issuing request letter of our college authority.


  • Drinking Water

Water cooler is provided in college main building. Drinking water is made available in science Departments, in library, in college office and in ladies room.